Drummonds Homes and Condos for Sale

In Tipton County you will find a small, charming unincorporated community known as Drummonds, Tennessee. Nestled in the 38023 zip code, Drummonds is one of seven unincorporated communities in Tipton County, the others being Corona, Hopewell, Peckerwood Point, Randolph, Reverie and Tipton. Home to approximately 6,140 residents, Drummonds is a great choice for those wanting a quiet, laid-back lifestyle with quick and convenient access to big city and its exciting attractions and impressive amenities.

Among the many reasons why Drummonds is a great place to buy a home, it has a below average cost of living. This community also has abundant natural beauty and diverse real estate options. There are several neighborhoods and subdivisions in Drummonds, all of which are wonderful options for prospective homebuyers. Among the most popular you’ll find Meadowland, Barton Lane, Dolan Ridge Estates, Planters Pointe, Rolling Meadows, Simmons Road, Cedar Point Estates and Tower Heights.

The price of real estate in Drummonds is quite broad and depends upon the property’s location within the community, the age, size and architectural style of the home as well. While there are sometimes exceptions, listing prices for homes in Drummonds typically range from around $55,000 to $320,000. Many homes in Drummonds have exceptionally large lots, many over 3.5 acres, and some over 6.5 acres, and some are lakefront with gorgeous water views.

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